7 questions (I couldn’t get to 20)

  1. Why Velociraptor? When I get overly tired, for some reason I can’t explain, I end up looking and talking like a velociraptor (an adorable one, don’t worry). Being a university student, I get tired pretty often (like that one awful quarter when I took a computer science class and basically became nocturnal anyways), so I’ve come to embrace this identity. Oh and I’m always hungry, hence the “Voracious” part.
  2. Vitals? My name is Alex, I’m a woman, 21 years old, from northern Canada (yes, people live there), (almost finished) studying political science. I also really like puppies (that’s vital information, right?)
  3. Where are you stationed? In the good old U S of A. California, more specifically. Palo Alto, most specifically. In random cafes on campus, most often. I’ll be moving pretty soon, though!
  4. Do you like food? I’m not even joking when I say that you will learn this about me within 5 minutes of meeting me. So, yes. Yes indeed.
  5. Favorite type of exercise? That’s a tough one. Some days I love everything, and some days I hate everything (it all balances out, right?). In all seriousness, I prefer body-weight circuits, yoga, spinning, and general cross-training.
  6. Favorite food? A toss up between fruit, chocolate, and pizza (chocolate fruit pizza, anyone?)
  7. Favorite drink? Coffee. It’s an integral part of my being.





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